HESS: The Fall and Rebirth of Win Inertia’s hybrid energy storage shift paradigm

A multinational private investment fund has rekindled the energy storage vision that Win Inertia’s Technologies Ltd. began in 2008, setting up a new and reinforced start up


Hybrid Energy Storage Solutions Ltd. (hereinafter called HESS Ltd.) has emerged from the solid technical foundations of Wind Inertia Technologies S.L., after its financial issues in 2016. The new holders bring, along with financial support, direct connections to big energy operations and business opportunities in Europe as well as Middle East and US markets.

HESS Ltd. remains Win Inertia® as its flagship commercial brand due to the preceding attention and reconnaissance for developing hybrid energy storage systems and energy management solutions for utility scale, renewable integration and microgrids at different levels of the electrical grid. “Win Inertia is one of the most creative energy storage vendors in the energy storage market. Based in Spain, the company’s project portfolio highlights fascinating applications for hybrid battery solutions, including both alternating current and direct current (AC and DC) systems for electric vehicle (EV) charging, railways, harbors, buildings, islands or renewable integration for, of course, microgrids”, said Peter Asmus (Navigant Research Senior Analyst).

In 2016 SmartGridNews selected Win Inertia as one of 15 Smart Grid Companies to Watch and chosen as a part of the Energy Storage 100 by Energy Storage News. Win Inertia reached a valuable technological positioning on the market, as a technological reference in enabling technologies, due to its breakthrough concepts, and patented technologies as the SHAD®, the IP protected hybrid energy storage concept of HESS Ltd. Proof of this are the Duke Energy’s Rankin Substation project or ENDESA – CEN Solutions La Graciosa project.

The rebooted Win Inertia® business undertaking is a very different customer-focused company, with the only purpose of providing cost-effective energy storage solutions based on Win Inertia’s hybrid approach and its know-how and experience in the huge potential energy storage market. “The right success for us has been the possibility of keeping up with the Win Inertia’s vision, through the support of partners that are truly interested in our technology and hybrid approach, recognizing the potential that the energy storage market is about to offer”, said Eugenio Domínguez, HESS’s Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The new backers are willing to put Win Inertia back on track. The Research and Development headquarter will remain in Seville (Spain), turning on the idea machinery and reestablishing the connections with main actors in the value chain. Nevertheless manufacturing and sale force will move wherever the market is, achieving a more direct business path. “As investors, we have seen an excellent opportunity to support the disruptive vision of Win Inertia. Its innovative enabling technologies along with the market situation, make Win Inertia’s approach a winning horse to unlock the energy storage market”, said the investment advisor representative. Great things are not be done by one person. They are done by a team of people. Now it is the time to convert our passion in your energy.

About Win Inertia

Win Inertia (A HESS Ltd. brand) is a technological solution provider, pioneer in creating hybrid energy
storage solutions, optimized in economic terms thanks to the integration of several energy storage
technologies, enhanced power electronics and patented energy management algorithms in an
exclusive, flexible hardware and software platform.

Win Inertia offers solutions to the new challenges faced by the power grid through the integration of
innovative grid-scale energy storage solutions at different levels of the electrical grid, continuous and
cost-effectively providing multiple grid services, and opening up new revenue streams. For more
information, visit www.hesstec.net