SEF 2017

9th Sustainable Energy Forum and Exhibition of Eastern Europe

During the first years, in 2009-2014, SEF had a title «REF UA, The Ukrainian Renewable Energy Forum» and had the Energy Efficiency Conference as a part of the event. 

From 2015, it has a title SEF KYIV, Sustainable Energy Forum of Eastern Europe and covers not only renewable energy and energy efficiency, but also the electric vehicles market and smart energy solutions. 

  • B2B Forum
  • B2B and B2C Exhibition
  • Recognition of the best in Eastern European energy tech – SEF Awards
  • B2C Seminars
  • :: 10 years in the industry of renewable energy, energy efficiency and new energy tech
  • The business platform for the contracts signing



OCTOBER 9{the main day for business}

– FORUM /at Big Congress Hall

– SEF AWARDS Ceremony

– Exhibition / Open for Delegates only

– SEF Dinner, Party and other networking events.


OCTOBER 10{industrial conferences& exhibition}

– SEF Solar Energy Conference

– SEF Wind Energy Conference

– SEF ESCO Conference

– Exhibition open for visitors.


OCTOBER 11{workshops for householders and small investors}

– SEF Bioenergy Conference

– Workshops for householders and small investors

– Exhibition open for visitors.